November 25, 2022

Calling a girl for the first time can prove to be quite scary and daunting. And sometimes, we can’t help but hung up instead because we seem not to quite know what to say, even if we’ve spent sleepless night rehearsing our lines. Relax. This isn’t your first phone call. Though calling someone can work through your advantage, there’s still a slight possibility karachi girls they can tell you’re nervous from the other line. Do fret no more. Here are some things to remember before calling a girl up. Who knows you might score that big you’ve been wanting for so long!


  • Keep it short and simpleThe longer your introductions and the longer you stay on the phone, the more chances you’ll mess it up. Do the basic step-by-step. Introduce yourself, exchange some pleasantries and then tell her the reason for your call. Try to fill up the silence. The more silence, the more awkward it’s going to be. So know what you have to say, and say it right away.
  • Act like you’re calling up a friendNot like you’re calling for pizza delivery. The point is, you should be relaxed and cool during the phone call. Remember how you talk with your friends? It makes you calmer and more at home so you can also give out your sense of humor. Making her laugh on the other end is a big point.
  • Be the first to end itDon’t hang around too long. If the conversation is going well, that’s great, but you have to build her anticipation. Say you have to run, or you hate to hang up right away. The more “in demand” you seem to her, the more she’s going to look forward to your other phone calls — and better, that date you just scored a few minutes ago.


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