Air Ducts of HVAC Systems – The Nightmares of Allergy Sufferers and People With Asthma and COPD

September 6, 2022

Every year more and more people are trying to improve the quality of life by eating healthier, exercising, and limiting smoking and drinking. The expectation is that this will their health to improve and increase the longevity of their life. While it is true all of these changes can only benefit individuals, there are hidden environmental factors which most people are not even aware. What about breathing better? Poor air quality is probably the number one reason for the increase in allergies and respiratory ailments, such as Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease, or COPD, which are on the rise. Not the air quality outside, but the air quality inside.KleenAir -The Leading Provider Of Air Duct Cleaning Roseville

The average human being spends at least 16 hours per day indoors due to sleeping and working and another 1.5 hours commuting according to a research study conducted by the University of Southern California i’m feeling curious
. This constant confinement breathing the same stagnant air creates a hazardous climate. What is worse is the condition in which most HVAC systems and ducts are kept.

Even after a couple of years in a recent constructed building, the air ducts can be rife with allergens, dirt, dust, and contaminants. The air conditioning and heat cycles just serve to recirculate much of this hazardous material and inject it into the air being inhaled. While it is true that air filters do help in reducing some of these pollutants, most continue to be minimally effective.

Electrostatic air filters are perhaps the most advantageous and expensive to use in the goal of eliminating breathable indoor pollutants and allergens, but the best solution involves a combination of tasks. Duct cleaning is almost unheard of in a large majority of family homes. Most home owners or renters never think about calling an HVAC company to service the duct work throughout the home, just as they forget about cleaning the coils under the fridge or flushing out the water heater periodically.

Regular duct cleaning should not be viewed as an expense, but a required maintenance just as a vehicle needs oil changes. Most home owners would be amazed and disgusted with the amount of crud, lint, and furry dust bunnies which reside in the ducts. Some of this can easily be viewed by taking a solid look into a few of the air registers. Should a family have pets, what they will find is even worse.

When a family rids the ducts of foreign hazardous crud, the family will benefit in ways not before realized. The home will be cleaner. The home will smell cleaner. Every family member will breathe easier and enjoy better health. After all, it is much easier and cheaper to maintain a loved one’s health, rather than pay costly medical bills to restore a loved one’s health.

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