Building an electric Bike – Choosing a Frame

July 22, 2023
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When most people decide to build an electric bike they usually don’t think much about the type of frame they use. Often they use any old bike they have lying around or go buy a cheap bike from Walmart. This is fine if you are building a low power ebike but if you want something faster and more powerful than the average electric bicycle you need to folding ebike choose your bicycle frame carefully.

The head angle or angle at which the fork comes out of the frame affects how the bike handles. The steeper the head angle (closer to 90 degrees) the twitchier or more unstable the bike will be at high speed. A slacker head angle (closer to 0 degrees) will be more stable at high speed but lose some stability making slow tight turns. A slack head angle also lengthens the wheelbase of the bike, which further improves high-speed handling. A freeride or downhill type mountain bike frame will have a head angle anywhere from 64 to 69 degrees depending on the intended use of the bike so these make excellent platforms for a high speed ebike. Bicycle manufacturers will list this info on their website under frame geometry (aim for 66 to 68 degrees) so you can find out the head angle of any bike frame by checking online.

Craigslist is a great place to get deals on used mountain bikes that are perfect for your electric bike conversion and will save you money that can be better spent on a quality battery pack. You can purchase a full suspension frame which will give you a nice smooth ride if you don’t need a long range bike ( the rear suspension takes up space where you could add more batteries). If you want maximum range from your bike a large size hardtail frame (no rear suspension) is your best choice as there is plenty of room inside the frame traingle to mount a large capacity battery pack.

The electric bike conversion kit empowers the user to transform the conventional bike into a battery operated electrical bicycle. These bikes are absolutely clean, truly affordable and also most power efficient form of conveyance. These are the perfect species of eco-commuting mode of transportation. Traveling in such efficient forms of conveyance is enjoyable, making distance coverage very smooth and easy process. Commuting in these bikes is a healthy experience for people of all ages. For the fitness conscious, riding a bike is a great way of reducing weight. The conversion kit is a very simple and easy to use kit. It transforms bicycles and makes it handy equipment for mountain trails, hiking or traveling on rough terrain.

The conversion kit enables the users, who are commuting less than 20 miles, to switch over to such bikes in place of cars. It is great for health, is a money saver and changes the pattern of the user’s life style. These bikes run at 20 mph at top speed. They require no license, registration or insurance coverage. The electric bike is ideal for commuting up to 10 to 30 miles range. The user can easily convert the bike to a hybrid electric e-bike as these bikes are fast gaining in popularity and appeal especially amongst the eco conscious commuters. Riding an electric bike is attuned to the changes in the thought process and attitude of a biker.

Electric bike conversion kit has transformed bicycles for ever. They are no longer being used just for merely exercising or moving about. They have changed the perception of a bicycle as people have begun to use this mode of transportation in place of car for short distances. They are an ideal source of exercising without the sweaty workout in a gym and many have realized the importance and viability of the electric bike which has evolved through using the conversion kit.

The electric bike conversion kit is available in the standard wheel sizes of 20 inches, 26 inches or 28 inches. It is important to have considerable width between the forks, at least 4 inches between the inside of the dropouts. Only a front hub motor on the bike with steel forks needs to be installed. It is always better to avoid using the alloy forks as these are not strong enough to support a hub motor. During installation or during a ride, the allow forks have a tendency to break or crack under the pressure of a wheel with hub motor. It is also vitally important to tighten the front wheels extremely well at the time of installing a hub motor.

We all are aware of the numerous advantages of an electric bike over an ordinary bike. But, what we may not be aware of is that a manufactured electric bike is much heavier than a bike which has been converted to an ebike with the help of a conversion kit. This gives the lighter converted ebike two extra advantages. The first is that it makes the ride easier to handle and more comfortable and secondly, related to it, it encourages more people to take up bicycle riding which is not only a highly recommended form of physical exercise but is also eco-friendly.

A conversion kit has many advantages over the outright purchase of an electric bike itself. Besides costing less money when compared to the price of an electric bike, the kit can be assembled on your old bike without much trouble. The conversion kit comes with an electric motor which is powered by a battery and when fitted onto a normal bike turns it into an electric bike. The battery can be recharged by plugging it into the electric supply point and to start the motor, the pedals have to be used in the normal way and the ebike is ready to run.

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