Cleanse, Reboot and Nourish Mind & Body With a New Years Detox Program

The birth of a new lunar cycle affords the opportunity to reassess and reexamine our priorities, our desires and our attention to our physical and mental self. Usually at the top of the new years resolution list is some type of revised routine that includes exercise, losing weight, eating right and spending more time with friends, family and making more time for yourself. Such revised routines yield the perfect time to consider a detoxification program because detoxification is both a physical and spiritual process of cleansing, nourishing, and healing one’s body and mind.

The concept and practice of detoxification has been around for centuries. It is the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins from the body. Toxin exposure can vary from food additives, alcohol, drugs, environmental pollution, smoke, heavy metals, pesticides to ever day household cleansers.

A detox program not only helps eliminate these toxins; it also transcends to the cellular level of our bodies and minds by rebooting our patterns and getting us back on a healthy track. Toxin clearing and cleansing is necessary from our poor food choices, terrible habits and negative thoughts and internal talk; all of which are destructive and block the ability to bring about healthier, happier lives.

Physical detoxing and cleansing has become more mainstream. We now hear of celebrities and TV personalities conducting detox programs before big awards shows to shed a few extra pounds around their waists. Despite this growing trend, there is still a large population of non-believers and skeptics. Perhaps skepticism stems from the limitless choices in the arena of detoxing. Many herbal manufacturers like Enzymatic Therapy and Dr. Natura offer excellent 7, 14 and 30 day detox kits. Other more intense detox options include juice fasts, massages, infrared saunas, hydrocolonics, lymphatic drainage and ionized foot baths that remove toxins through the feet. Whatever the methodology, an effective detox is rooted in consistency, an organic diet of fruits and veggies, lots of water and should last anywhere from one to three months.

The results are truly transformative and life changing; from clarified skin, healthier lungs, livers and colons as well as increased energy levels. Through detox, the body is literally rebooted, recharged and changed into a system that operates better than before.

Mental detoxification is just as important, if not more important than a physical detox. Detoxification of the mind allows individuals to get rid of negative thoughts and give birth to healthier and more positive thoughts that yield positive, healthy choices and actions. It is through positively manifested thoughts that ultimately create the lives and health the individual wishes to lead.

Conscious, positive mindfulness is indeed much harder than 長沙灣通渠  taking an herbal pill routinely in the morning and night. This involves cleansing negativity and energy blockages through meditation, rest, reiki healing, spiritual healing, prayer and increased mindfulness in the awareness and reversal of negative thoughts. Stopping to listen to the multitude of thoughts is challenging, at first, but once we tap into all the little voices of doubt, mistrust, negativity and ill will; awareness and change begins.

Just as toxic as fat and alcohol, a negative thought literally manifests itself physically in our daily lives. From our jobs, our health to our relationships; we are what we think. Along the lines of The Secret, our thoughts create our reality and the best way to make positive changes is to adjust and realign our thoughts to showcase and pattern the desires we wish to occur.

In essence, detoxification is our way to not only usher in the 2008 new year, but to initiate a rebirth of our health and mental wellness. Anything is possible this year and with a healthy body and an aligned mind, we are more apt to achieve the goals we set forth on our 2008 New Years resolution lists.


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