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November 15, 2022

Celebrity Contemporary Jewelry Is To Be Sold At Auction

When contemporary jewelry previously owned by any celebrity comes up for sale, there is certainly normally a large surge in attention and record sale prices are often obtained. The newest news about the gems of the superstars is the fact that Marilyn Monroe’s wedding band, from her brief marriage to Joe DiMaggio is for sale. The platinum ring from the 9 month relationship with the famed star of the baseball pitch has become available to buy at auction. This unique wedding ring is a platinum eternity band, set with 35 baguette-cut diamonds (though one is now missing).

Monroe met DiMaggio for the very first time at an Italian eatery in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. There was instant chemistry between the two and right after a torrid but brief affair they got hitched in a private civil wedding service at San Francisco City Hall in 1954, away from the gaze of the public – quite rare for 2 individuals used to living in the spotlight. However, the relationship was stressful from the commencement. DiMaggio was invited to visit the set of the movie The Seven Year Itch, where he saw the well-known filming of Marilyn standing over a subway grating struggling to keep her skirt from billowing upwards. DiMaggio immediately stormed off in a rage and they were divorced just a couple of weeks later – nowhere close to the “seven year itch”.

Contemporary Jewelry Worn By A True Star of Stage and Screen

This contemporary jewelry ring is predicted to sell for $300,000 to $500,000. The public sale in December is being staged by Profiles, a Californian company that also auctioned the well known subway dress worn by Marilyn Monroe, as a portion of the Debbie Reynolds Collection sold last summer, fetching $5.52 million dollars and breaking Guinness Book Records.

Also up for sale is an authentic color work of art by Earl monroe roofing contractor  Moran, showing a young and naked Marilyn Monroe in a relaxed pose from a modeling session circa 1948-1949. Earl Moran was considered to be one of the most eminent artists of this time. The painting is expected to sell for $70,000 to $90,000.

A pair of Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers are being sold in this same auction. Hailing from the movie The Wizard of Oz, these are expected to create far more fascination and attention than Monroe’s wedding ring. Having said that a pre-auction guesstimate implies that these slippers are worth between $2 and $3 million. The pair available for purchase at the auction is one of quite a few pairs of ruby slippers used during the making of the film. This pair are alleged to be those pictured when Judy Garland clicks her heels at the very end of the film. Whether or not that is the truth or mere fiction has yet to be established!

Contemporary jewelry needn’t be high-priced, in particular when you get new pieces from internet sites, as opposed to buying at auction. The contemporary engagement rings as well as other pieces you can find may be fit for a star, but suit the purse of a much more modest personality.


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