Coworking Spaces Spawn a New Generation of Workers & an Entirely New Style of Working

December 29, 2022

What if your work environment was a lot more flexible and you could have a far more fluid work system? Work culture in India and across the world has certainly transformed over the years. With technology at the tip of our hands, we are able to perform our jobs at any time and any place. The entire concept of the ‘fixed cubicle’-working 5 days a week on a 9 to 5 routine schedule has completely changed.

Coworking is a style of work where it involves sharing a common workplace with others, often an office and independent activity. 觀塘共享工作間 from the normal office these coworking venues have people from different organisations working there. In fact you could say, it is a common hub of a social gathering where a group of people who work independently, share certain values working in the same space alongside each other.

This is most commonly seen amongst freelancers who work from home, by allowing them to escape the distractions of home. It is also quite popular amongst independent scientists, independent contractors, work at home professionals, small to medium enterprises (SMEs). One of the greatest benefits is that they are free to use, lower rental prices (which really saves a lot on operational costs), although some places may have certain membership dues!

One may even get a bit confused, as it is partly a restaurant or café and partly a coworking place. It looks like a place where you may even catch up with your friends for a lunch but on every table you can see people busting with activity – all in their own world!!

When did this whole concept start?

In 2005, Brad Neuberg is credited with starting the entire ‘coworking’ concept’ in San Francisco, California. The idea was started to combine the independence of freelancing with the structure and community of an office space. One of the major reasons driving the demand for coworking is the growing number of independent workers!

The coworking movement reached India almost five years ago and since then, it has only grown. Its cost-effective vibe has attracted numerous people and there’s so much more that attracts them. One of the oldest coworking spaces in India -91 springboard began in 2012 and focused as a startup entity to fund as well as connect to emerging businesses with mentors and investors.

By and by, over the years it has evolved to become a far more heterogeneous working space. 91 springboard houses up to 4,000 companies at its centers, including Livespace, The Laundry Basket and large companies such as Bedouin Systems, Glocal HR Solutions and Lucideus Technologies.

International Workplace Group is the global leader for flexible workplaces and operates two brands in India -Regus and Spa

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