Guide to Cabo San Lucas for Young Travelers

July 3, 2023
Los Cabos Beach Vacations: Insider's Guide

When a group of friends decides to vacation in Mexico, they will usually go to places like Cancun or Tijuana. They don’t usually think of Cabo San Lucas since it’s known as a family vacationing spot fit for all ages. But what they don’t know is that there’s so much for younger people to experience. From lying quietly on the beach, all the way to exciting taking ATV tours and horseback riding on the beach, this place has it all. Most likely, the excitement won’t end until dawn since there is a wide variety of night life, including dance clubs like El Squid cabo san lucas vacation rental homes Row or the famous Cabo Wabo. Almost all these places accept American dollars, traveler’s checks, and an array of major credit cards, so there’s no need to learn the conversion rates.

The beaches at Cabo San Lucas range from completely secluded to completely packed with excitement. Cabo San Lucas rentals are also available at a moment’s notice. Families may want to Playa Medano to sit on the beach and watch the people while a young couple may choose to take the short boat ride over to Playa del Amor, or lover’s beach. Anything you can do in Hawaii, you can do in Cabo. The water is perfect for surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and anything else one can think of on the water. Even whale watching is available for those Free Willy fans out there. Even if water isn’t your thing, Cabo San Lucas still has loads to offer. You can check out the restaurant opened by the rock band, Van Halen, or experience the local glass blowing shops. Fishing is also ideal. A short note must be mentioned here about the shopping. The Cuban cigars, along with designer wear are all sold at duty free prices. Needless to say, the prices are more than attractive.

Another reason to vacation here at Cabo is that they force you relax. It’s a daily tradition to take a siesta there and no one else will be awake if you decided not to nap. If the ordinary hustle and bustle of a regular hotel doesn’t appeal to someone’s tastes, there are always the famous Cabo San Lucas villas that all have beautiful views of the ocean. They are private, spacious villas, and since there are over 70 different types, one will surely fit anyone’s budget. These are fully equipped with chef prepared meals, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing trip with your significant other or you’re looking to party your heart out, Cabo San Lucas is the place for it all.

There is a Cabo hotel that will fit the budget of all vacationers who wish to travel to Cabo San Lucas for their vacation. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous could afford to vacation in Cabo. In the early days Cabo San Lucas, Mexico could only be reached by private airplanes or by private yachts. But now the Mexican government has built a modern highway and expanded and upgraded the Los Cabo International airport which has opened this world famous resort town located at the southern tip of Baja California to tourist with a wide variety of budgets.

Hotels are available with beach fronts, seclusion from the crowds on private beaches, in the center of town close to walking tours of the town for shopping or visiting restaurants or other interesting attractions in the town. There are hotels close to snorkeling areas, water sports, spas, golfing, world class game fishing and so on. Those hotels which are located far away from the center of town usually provide free transportation to and from town into the night. Taxis are available for late night transportation.

The accommodations at these various hotels depend on your budget and your desires. Hotels are air conditioned, have restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, laundry service, spas and practically anything you want while on your vacation. For the vacationer who has to stay in touch with the office there are internet hook ups and, of course, telephone service.

The grounds of most of these hotels are well manicured and well kept and the hotel workers are at your beck and call to be sure that you have the utmost in service. You can go to Cabo San Lucas and stay in a great hotel on a budget. There are family hotels, hotels that cater to young college students and possibly every other category. And of course, there are hotels that still attract the very wealthy. Plan well and find just the right hotel that fits your budget, needs, and desires for a dream vacation.

Cabo San Lucas is very popular for its exciting nightlife and casual atmosphere along with its huge marina as well as beautiful bay where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meets. Cabo besides having various hotels and resorts also has lots of shopping as well as restaurants and great beaches with various discounts to fit your budget. The stone arch named El Arco, is a superb natural rock formation at the Land’s End. El Medano is the main long sandy beach, a place for watersports and swimming along with numerous restaurants in the sand with the golf and postcard ideal views. Famous port of call for the cruise ships along with the Mexican Riviera. For the rich and famous people it is a famous destination for a hideaway and Spring Break.

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