Gummy Bear Breast Implant – Top 10 Things to Know

October 8, 2022

Gummy bear breast implants have become a popular choice in breast implant type for women considering breast augmentation. Also known as silicone cohesive gel breast implants, cbd gummies for sleep the gummy bear breast implant gets its popular name because of its consistency. With a very dense, high-strength silicone consistency, this implant resembles the common gummy bear candy.

Approved by the FDA in November of 2006, the silicone cohesive gel implant has quickly risen in terms of popularity. Besides the benefits to its look and feel, gummy bears may be more durable and less likely to rupture than saline breast implants.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Top 10 List of Things To Know

1) Appearance.  One of the main advantages to this type of breast implant is that due to the consistency of the solidified gel, gummy bears tend to make the breast look natural. They hold their shape in a way that saline cannot. The are not likely to wrinkle and fold over time, and much less apt to ripple. Due to their composition they will tend to remain in an upright position and are less likely to sag.

2) Touch.  Many women will report that this is one of the biggest advantages. The cohesive silicone gel feels more natural to the touch than a saline implant. Additionally, they do not have the occasional sloshing sound that a saline breast implant can have. cbd gummies for sleep

3) Consistency.  The density of the silicone composition makes the implant feel much more like the natural tissue of your breast.

4) What’s it made of?  Cohesive gel implants are made of a solidified silicone gel. Silicone implants were approved by the FDA in November 2006 after years of study and silicone breast implant trials.

5) Rupture. If this type of implant ruptures it will actually hold itself together, whereas a saline implant will leak and shrink over a period of a few days. Unlike the original silicone implants, this generation now has a thick outer shell and due to its consistency is less likely to leak.

6) Incision Methods. The size and make up of this implant makes your choice in terms of incision method more limited. Your scars will be a bit larger so that the doctor will have room to place the implant. Importantly, the popular belly button incision method (transumbilical) is not a possibility with this type of implant. Gummy bears can be inserted through the nipple, under the breast, or through the armpit.

7) Durability. Only time will tell since this type of implant is relatively new to the market but the results so far are very promising.

8) Downside. Perhaps the biggest downsides to this type of implant are the costs and the limitations in incision methods. The cost today is approximately one-thousand dollars more than a saline breast implant. The possibility of a larger scar from the incision and the inability to perform belly button insertion may be a deterrence for some women.

9) Ask your doctor. Are silicone gel breast implants right for me? How many breast augmentations have you performed with cohesive gel breast implants? What do your patients say are the benefits? What will my scar look like?

10) Breast Implant Size.  Gummy bear breast implants are available in a wide variety of implant sizes. Depending upon what your goal in breast size is you may choose from sizes as small as 100cc all the way up to 1000cc. Whether you are looking to have breast augmentation to increase your bra size by one cup (approximately 150cc), two cups (300cc to 350cc), three cups or more, you will find a cohesive gel breast implant that will fit your goal size.

Implant Size

As you decide upon your breast implant size it is important to note that this is one of the most critical decisions you will make. Studies show that the most common reasons women go back to their doctor for a second or third breast augmentation procedure is simply to change their implant size.

The cohesive gel implant may be appropriate for you.  Talk with your doctor about the ramifications of this type of implant as a comparison to saline.1

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