Hospice With a Heart: Let the Last Days Last Forever

Caring for your elders can be difficult. They will probably decline if you ask them if they would like to stay in a nursing home. Maybe Mom or Pop would much rather stay in a place where they are happiest – home.

Many modern hospice services understand this need, as not everyone can live in a place they can’t call their own.

It is quite understandable. Old people often get depressed when they live with others like them. They want to feel useful until the end of their lives. Living at home can make them feel better and keep their spirits up.

When your aged parents are at home, you will have peace of mind knowing they are in the right hands. Here are several reasons why in home hospice services are something to think about.

Proper Attention from Medical Professionals

Hospice services at your home will have a team of qualified professionals. These individuals specialize in geriatric care for patients who choose to receive treatments in their homes or in an assisted living facility. There are also doctors available who specialize in oncology and palliative medicine. This kind of hospice care is for people with an advanced illness.

Apart from these medical experts, your primary caregiver will have the help of registered nurses, social workers, aides, dieticians, spiritual counsellors, and volunteers. Your family will never feel alone during this period of great emotional stress.

Reliable Round the Clock Care

Many in-home hospice facilities provide registered nurses you can call any time of day. There will always be someone available to help your parents if anything goes wrong.

Spiritual Counselling  hospice in altadena for Emotional Pain

Watching your parent fade away is always difficult. There is often little time to make up for past hurts that have never fully healed. You, as much as possible, want to make peace with your parents. The end of life scenario is something every family has to face. The terminally ill patient usually has many questions about the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Apart from this, distraught family members may need . Hospice services are aware of this need. They provide pastoral care counsellors who offer non-denominational spiritual guidance to anyone who requests it.

Rest for Primary Caregiver

Whoever is the designated primary caregiver in the family can get much needed rest. Unlike at a nursing home where there is usually one volunteer, there are other people on hand who can step in and take over. Being in charge of your Mom or Pop during their final days can also take a toll on your health.

It will not do any good if you feel tired and lack the energy to be with them when they need it most. You can ask a sibling to step in and cover for you while you get some much-needed rest. If no one is available, trained in-home hospice volunteers can do the job for you.


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