How to choose a digital Marketing Company?

August 28, 2022

Marketing is a process of creating a level of demand for your product and following up on that demand till its final conversion in to either leads or sales. Digital marketing is a similar process with the major difference that the process utilizes the internet as well as offline media. It is the complete end to end solution of promoting your brand using every available form of digital advertising to market and get the word out about your product to the consumers that you desire to reach out to. Digital marketing however is not dependent only on the use of the internet and its reach extends further away from that of internet marketing to all available form of offline elements like television, radio, cellular communication, print advertising, etc. It also manages to incorporate other spheres like social media marketing and digital media under its wing. It covers most, if not all areas of traditional marketing especially direct marketing and takes it to an online based platform.Xi calls for sound development of digital economy, comprehensive regulation  - Global Times

A digital Marketing Company is a business house that delivers end to end services in creative and technical development of internet based products and services that can reach out to an audience on a global level Digital Global Times. The services that they offer can range from market planning, marketing strategies, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, web design and web development to online copy writing, conversion rate optimization, usability testing, banner advertising and online reputation management. A small Digital Marketing Company may not provide all the above mentioned services but every Digital Marketing Company will provide a majority of these services. Digital marketing is a relatively new area of marketing but is constantly changing and evolving therefore it is extremely necessary that if and when you do hire the services of a Digital Marketing Company you select one that is very well in sync with the latest trends in the world of marketing. The agency that you choose must be up to date with the latest offerings in technology both digital and mobile. It is extremely important and a primary topic to e addressed when you look for a Digital Marketing Company that they come with a good amount of experience. Good digital houses will always keep an up to date portfolio of all their work. Have a good look at that portfolio as their work will be the bridge to your success. Another aspect that needs to be recognized at this point of time is that you have to make sure that no direct competitor of yours has worked with them as that will result in a conflict of interest and the project if taken up would not be as impeccable as it should be. While political uprisings all over the world are making headlines, another less visible revolution is also underway. This upheaval crosses national boarders and comes at the intersection of payments and e-commerce. The old regime was typified by a relatively small number of large merchants processing large numbers of in-country transactions. The “insurgency” is being driven by an increasingly large number of small merchants located all over the world. And the volume is increasing at a startling rate. Unfortunately, legacy payment infrastructures are not capable of efficiently managing the global aspects of these changing economies. With the help of Yuval Tal and his company, Payoneer, this is quickly changing.

This new world order is driven by industries including, mobile applications, freelance outsourcing, gaming and outlets like the iTunes® store. Comprised mostly of individuals and small teams, these smaller merchants and developers represent the “democratization” of modern day e-commerce. Were this revolution limited to one country, the transition to the new model would be relatively smooth, as payment infrastructures within developed countries tend to be robust. When we start looking at underdeveloped nations — and cross-border transactions in general — the efficiencies quickly break down.

Let’s take the us as an example. There are three robust payment platforms in this nation: i) the credit card companies (namely Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®), ii) the Federal banking system with paper and electronic checks (ACH), and iii) PayPal – the predominant alternative payment network. Keep in mind that only the latter two have historically been used to pay merchants. We will see momentarily how Yuval Tal, Payoneer and the branded prepaid debit card are changing this. Now, consider a native US application developer selling its wares on platforms like iTunes. For this developer, getting paid is easy. Most application stores will tend to remit payment by ACH because it is exceedingly inexpensive.

Most developed nations enjoy the same basic infrastructure with some subtle differences. Getting paid in-country is relatively simple, with multiple choices at varying costs. In developed countries, like the “G7” nations, vendors may get paid via direct debit or via wire transfer. PayPal and more localized alternative payments also exist in most of these countries. Vendors and sales platforms usually arrive at a payment choice based on cost and convenience.

Now, let’s take the case where the developer and the sales platform are in different countries. All of a sudden, payment options become a lot more limited, and have a lot to do with sophistication of the banking systems within the respective countries. Generally speaking, it has always been possible to remit payments via wire transfer. Unfortunately, this method can be time consuming and expensive. Usually, both payer and payee incur a fee, and these fees tend to be a lot more expensive than ACH (in US) and direct deposit elsewhere. What’s more, in some countries it can take up to 10 days for a wire transfer to clear. But, what about remitting payments to vendors in countries with less developed or more restrictive banking systems?

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