How to Start and Rapidly Grow a Coaching Business – Follow-Up Right and Close 5 Times More Business tiktok

Have you avoided following up after meeting someone? Over 80% of all business is lost simply due to lack of follow-up, or slow follow-up. Here’s a simple approach to making it easy for you.

80% of All Sales Are Lost Due to Lack of Follow Up

Market research companies شراء متابعين تيك توك say that 80% of all sales are lost due to lack of follow up. 80% of all sales are never followed up. Only 20% of all sales are actually followed up.

Can I say that in any other way.

Well here’s another.

If 80% of all sales are lost due to lack of follow-up, would that mean that if you spent time to follow up on the 80% you’ve missed before, that the 20% would become 100%? Well, not quite, but it does mean a 5 times increase.

Let’s take a look at how that works. If you talked to 100 people, and had a possibility of closing 10, but due to lack of follow-up you lost 8 out of 10, and closed 2. Just by following up you’d get 5 times more than you got before.

Let’s take another look at that. Other research says that, on the average, 5 continuous follow-ups are necessary for the customer to say yes . ..FIVE. That says how important follow-ups are.

  • 44% of sales people give up after just one no.
  • 22% give up after 2 no’s
  • 14% give up after 3 no’s
  • 12% give up after 4 no’s.

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