LG Refrigerator Water Filters – A Practical Mini Guide

November 10, 2022

There are now many different LG refrigerator water filters in the market that could ensure the provision of safe cold drinking water for your family. Because of this, you won’t have any difficulty in finding water filters or replacement cartridges that could fit the model of LG refrigerator that you have in your home.

As these water filters are guaranteed to enhance the odor and taste of the water coming out of your refrigerator’s water dispenser, you are sure that they are able to get rid of water contaminants as well. In fact, water filters for LG refrigerators are proven to eliminate impurities such as heavy metals like lead and mercury from water by 99.31 and 96.7 percent, respectively.

As much as 99.09 percent of lindane, 95.9 of atrazine, 99.99 percent of cysts, 96.3 percent of benzene and 99.9 percent of class I particulates are also removed through these water filters. Of course, turbidity is also lessened by 99.3 percent and 97.6 percent of odors and tastes from chlorine are also eliminated. However, even with if your water goes through this rigorous filtration process, the natural minerals present in it like fluoride will not be removed, thus retaining the healthy elements you can get from it.

Which LG Refrigerator Water Filter To Choose

Not all refrigerator water filters fit all types of LG refrigerators. There are particular kinds of water filters that would fit certain model types. An example of this is the LG LT600P water filter that could purify 300 gallons of water. This type of filter could fit most bottom-freezer and side-by-side refrigerators by LG.

Known as the premium ice and water filter, this filter model is also touted as the newest available filter for LG. Aside from LG models, this type of filter can also fit all of the 795 series of the Kenmore refrigerators including the Trio models with French or three doors that features a water dispenser on the units’ inside wall.

Replacing The Filter for LG Refrigerators

Although most of the LG refrigerator water filters are recommended to be replaced after every six months of usage, there are also times when replacement depends on several other factors. One of these factors is the consumption of cold water in your household everyday. If your family consumes a lot of drinking water everyday, then it is expected that the wear and tear of your water filter would be more than if lesser water is consumed.

The quality of the water that you use in your refrigerator’s water dispenser is also a deciding factor when it comes to the date of your filter replacement. If you are using water that has  can i use water softener salt on my driveway not been treated before it is placed into the dispenser, then there is a greater chance for you to replace your filters in less than six months. This is because the performance of your water filter might be optimized at an earlier date because of the amount of filtration that it has to do on your water.

If you notice an unpleasant odor or taste on the water that comes from your refrigerator’s water dispenser, then the chances that you need to replace the filter immediately. So, you have to always be on the lookout for this to make sure that you are providing clean and safe cold water for your family at all times.


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