Pros Of Using The Flange Nuts For Your Industrial Operations

A standard hex bolt looks like a flange nut from one side but the bottom of the nut is widened into a circular flange through creating a bell-like shape. The fastener is used widely for different applications, which depends on the style of the head. Some of its variants do not offer premium-locking capabilities but still have some engaging benefits when used properly in the applications. In addition, it provides better grip options on the surface of the joints. They act like a non spinning washer because at the end they have a wide flange. It distributes the pressure of the nut over the part being secured. They are also known from the names spin lock, tooth, or face nuts, etc.

This helps to reduce the chances of damage to the part and make it less likely to loosen throughout the application. The locking action of the fastener provides more resistance to the vibrations. They are designed with a wide flange to act like a washer and increase the bearing surface. Lag screw  They are fabricated with the strong material like steel, which is durable as well. Stainless steel improves the corrosion resistance and provides extra finish and protective coating for the complex applications.

Pros Of Using A Flange Nut:-

They are best used for the oversized and irregularly shaped holes, since it covers all the discrepancies and serrations cover the entire bearing surface. They are used without any limitations unlike the standard lock nuts. However, checking back for the manufacturer’s instructions is a wise choice covering the torque values and any lubrication requirements.
You will not need washers with such type of the fastener as they serve the purpose of the washers well. Since, it extends the bearing surface and all those serrations, which need direct contact with the mating surface. This saves time and money spent on your applications through diminishing the need of torque when installing the fastener.
You can find the nuts in all the common finishes including plain and zinc plated forms. Stainless steel form is also available and provides optimum results against the problem of corrosion and various other damaging ailments of environment.
If you are working on the projects where nuts and washers are must used together, try considering flange nuts, as they are the simple two in one locking solution where strength and resistance is required. It provides more stability to the structure thus maintaining the holding power of the fastener.

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