Samsung LED Wall Mount For a Picture Frame Like Quality

Have you just purchased a Samsung LED television? If you have or are going to make this purchase then you want to protect the television with the appropriate mounting options. Before you begin your search for the LED TV wall mount consider how you need to search for it. You know the model of your television. You may also be wondering at this point why you would need a Samsung LED wall mount. So let’s look at all of the information you need to secret benefits delete account know.

First, the reason you need a Samsung LED mount is to protect the television. Flat screen televisions, most particularly the LED televisions are very slim. They are no larger in width than a picture frame. Since they are so thin it is not possible to stand them up without a proper TV stand. Furthermore, a television stand would still require a LED TV wall mount because the stand would not secure it enough. You want to eliminate any possibility that the television could be knocked over, tipped over, or damaged by way of some heavy movement nearby it.

The second reason to have a Samsung LED mount is for aesthetics. A thin

television that appears like a picture should be mounted like a picture on your wall. When someone walks in your residence they may even think it is a large picture frame depending on what might be on the television. The image will be clear and the television will be completely out of the way regarding floor space. Hanging your television with LED TV wall mount options also provides a strength and stability to the arrangement, because the LED TV wall mount can support the size of television you have.

There are two types of wall mounts available for purchase. You have the ultra thin and the regular LED TV mount. The Samsung LED mount offers a thin design of metal which secures the television in place. You will have to install it with a stud behind the screws to make it stable, but that is very easily done. It is like any picture you would hang with stability in mind.

The second type of wall mount is the ultra thin which is barely more than the screw casings and a wire. It is so thin you would not even notice it behind the television unless you hunt for it. It is also a strong and durable product. It provides even more aesthetic appeal because it is so thin.

The ultra thin LED TV wall mount will allow the television to be flush with the wall. In the 32 to 65 inch television range the mount can handle up to 50 kilograms. This particular model will support Vesa sizes of 200×200, 300×300, and 400×400. The weight options are 25, 30 and 50 kilograms respectively. The features of the ultra slim are also perfect for protecting your newly bought Samsung.

You can use the LED TV wall mount for brick or stud walls. It has an easy lift socket. This allows you to remove the television in order to clean it without wearing out the Samsung LED mount. It is compatible with the Samsung line. It also offers a 15 degree tilt angle. Most televisions are placed just above the line of sight to make for better viewing. With a slight tilt to the bracket you will be set up at the perfect angle. There are safety features as part of the ultra thin LED TV wall mount as well.

Mentioned above in our explanation of LED TV mounts was the term VESA. Whether you own an LED television or the regular LCD you want to have a wall mount with a VESA rating. VESA stands for video electronics standards association. A VESA rating basically means you will have a Samsung LED wall mount which has been built with standards in mind. It has been crafted for durability, at least four screws, and in a design that offers strength to the bracket.

It will not come off the wall suddenly in the middle of the night, as long as it has been installed properly. Thus your worries over your new investment being harmed can be laid aside. You will just have to choose between the LED TV mount and the ultra thin wall mount for your Samsung. It all depends on how much like a picture you want your television screen to look like.

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