Selling Survival: The Evolution of the Entrepreneurial Paradigm & Where to find New Opportunities

Experts predict that there are societal trends in play that are precipitating a return to pre-industrial era ways of survival. In the face of changing economic realities and disillusionment, Guest Posting many people are questioning the ways they currently make money and are seeking alternate means of income. But, instead of simply getting another job, or opening a fast-food franchise, many are instead asking, “What am I good at? ” “What’s my passion? “

Today’s trends are all pointing to a move back to the way things were. At the very least, as the economic landscape becomes more uncertain, people food survival kits need to look at options for increasing their streams of income. It may be only way to survive.

However, there is also a new awareness developing among those who are seeking to flex their entrepreneurial muscles. The question this time is: What sort of business does it make sense to start in these times of global change?

To lay the foundation for my response, I’d like to introduce you to a term with which you’re probably already familiar. The term is “catalyst. ” As you may remember from high school chemistry class, a catalyst is a substance that ignites, sets in motion, or speeds up a reaction without itself being affected. In life as well, every experience is a potential catalyst. Your flat tire, the argument with your spouse, your unhappiness at your job–all are potential catalysts. Because of the free will inherent in our experience here on the planet (we have the freedom to choose our responses), the reaction that a catalyst can spark is entirely under your control.

THE PURPOSE OF CATALYSTS All catalysts are designed to offer a challenge or lesson.

There are only two possible paths one can choose from in response to a catalyst: It can be accepted or it can be controlled. The path you choose will be determined by your orientation. If you are oriented towards service to self (your own comfort), you will make one set of choices. If you are oriented towards service to others, you will see and choose from a different set of choices.

When faced with a catalyst it is important to understand that we are here to evolve in the direction of our orientation, and without life’s catalysts, the desire to evolve and the faith in the process do not normally manifest and thus evolution does not occur. So don’t rail against the changes and situations. Accept them as a natural part of the experience designed to help you grow.

Life is really that simple. Things happen. You choose your response based on your orientation. You evolve in the direction of your choice.

When neither path is chosen, the catalyst fails in its design and you proceed through life until some other catalyst appears which causes you to choose again towards acceptance and love or toward separation and control.

HOW TO PREDICT THE FUTURE It’s a basic law of this dynamic, ever-changing universe that there’s no such thing as something “staying the same. ” Things are either expanding or contracting, increasing or decreasing, getting better or getting worse. Even the metal or hard plastic computer or sheet of paper on which you are reading these words, as solid and as stable as they seem are all slowly decaying and deteriorating. Come back in a few dozen years, and you’ll see the effects of decay over time. If you know this, then you can look at everything from business phenomena to romantic relationships a little bit differently, and can perform what some might consider fortune-telling simply by asking, “where is this heading? “

Every business, every situation, every relationship is either getting better or getting worse, growing or shrinking, going up or heading downhill. Therefore, as long as you can honestly assess what you observe or experience over a given time frame, you can “predict” where something is heading and take any evasive or remedial actions as necessary.

Now having said that, let’s examine some observable facts and trends that are catalysts occurring right now and that will affect the future, and to which we have a choice of response. 1. The earth is going through changes. Global warming is a reality. Temperature fluctuations are affecting access to water, arable land and other resources for a growing segment of the world’s population. These and other physical, climatic, and cataclysmic changes are observable.

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