Technical Writing – Service Business Manual – Preparing the Introduction

If you are going to write a manual for a small service type business, then it makes sense to prepare an easy-to-read introduction explaining exactly what the manual is all about. The other day, I was discussing this with an associate, they are a technical writer doing mostly high-tech gadget manuals. Nevertheless, I guess the best way to explain my point is with a Case Study.

Below is a “Sample Introduction” for a boat cleaning manual, for detailing yachts and marine cleaning of that nature. Go ahead and read it, and you will see why I think that the introduction is one of the most important parts:

First, I’d like to thank you for purchasing this Boat Cleaning and Detailing Manual. If you have purchased this book in conjunction with “How to Start a Boat Cleaning Business” then perhaps by now you have made the decision to move forward and created at least a rough-draft business, marketing, and/or strategic plan for launching you new company. You will find this manual an excellent companion book to go along with the first book, best essay writing service reddit as we get into the operations, philosophy, and methodology of the work itself.

This (Third Edition) is the accumulation of years of experience, knowledge, and trial and error. The first edition was the actual Boat Wash Guys manual specifically designed for our Franchisee Team. Later, I modified it without the proprietary information. Eventually, I had resurrected some of more relevant proprietary information and inserted it into this manual. And finally, I have updated information which was not available until literally the week of publishing.

The modifications to the original manual and subsequent re-writes and editions take into consideration the use of various set-ups, types of equipment, and levels of skill in detailing, and restoration. So, no matter where you are in your expertise today, this manual will serve you well – as that is the whole intent behind this work.

As you read this manual realize I am not a technical writer by trade, and I have written this manual as if I was explaining the procedures down at the marina or having fish and chips down at the wharf or over a cup of coffee. Indeed, I hope you enjoy my frankness and matter-of-fact approach.


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