The link between your Business and LinkedIn

October 4, 2023
10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles

The most sophisticated and seasoned social media companies know that while the buzz surrounding LinkedIn is not as strong or noisy as the buzz surround Facebook, Twitter and Google+, this social network still cannot be buy linkedin accounts with connections discounted by businesses when developing their marketing campaigns. LinkedIn’s reach is quickly expanding with almost 200 million members across 200 countries and with two new members signing up every tick of the clock.

Before joining LinkedIn, you and your partner social media marketing agency should set your expectation straight. Again, it is unlike the other social networks. LinkedIn takes on a more professional and business-like personality and the intent and behavior of people on the site is very different if they were to access, say, their Facebook accounts. In LinkedIn, careers are built and business can gain thought leadership and establish authority and reputation.

Social media companies know that today, marketing is not only about promotions, gimmicks, advertising and branding. It also involves a business’ reputation in the industry it belongs to and among individuals who sincerely want to get business updates from a particular organization. That being said, when you’re on LinkedIn, make sure you bolster your company profile so from the very first glance, people already know who you are, what you stand for as a business and what makes you different.

The old adage “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” applies in LinkedIn. You or your social media marketing agency can survey the social site for all the relevant professional virtual groups you could subscribe to. Don’t make the mistake of subscribing and leaving. Participation is crucial to generate thought leadership and hence, build your business’ credibility among your industry peers and other stakeholders. Offer your viewpoint on a topic whenever possible and enrich the discussion through your active participation.

When your business is on LinkedIn, you can ask former and current clients, suppliers, affiliates, organizations and other third parties to recommend your business in the form of testimonials. This is an age-old method of building trust and it is still as effective as before. With LinkedIn, asking for a testimonial is just a click away.

LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Buzz which allows members to track and monitor public commentaries about them. This is a great reputation management tool businesses and social media companies can and should take advantage of as it easily unearths any negative feedback about a brand and offer businesses the opportunity to extinguish and address the issue before it explodes to a full blow reputation crisis.

One of the things LinkedIn was able to revolutionize is hiring. Now, companies can easily view the online resumes of prospective candidates and evaluate them right there and then. A latent or halo effect of posting your company’s job vacancies on LinkedIn is the impression it gives that your company is growing. Growth is always a positive indicator social media companies would want to frontload to build a favorable image for businesses and organizations.

Canada -National Credit News journal, Canada’s best online publication specialized in accounts receivable management is proud to announce the launch of its new online platform which will help provide better content and resource to its subscribers and visitors. At the same time NCN is extremely happy to introduce new sections such as Legal pages, weekly magazine and the new and improved directory section for all your accounts receivable and debt collection needs in Canada. This new platform not only provides greater value for subscribers but will also position NCN journal as an online leader in the near future.

NCN continues to invest, through its new online platform, in its content and user experience in order to provide the most complete set of resources available to accounts receivable professionals. This investment is another step in the overall plan to make NCN journal Canada’s premiere site when it come to accounts receivable management and credit resources.

The new platform will provide National Credit News with the ability to offer a solution tailored to its subscriber’s needs and interests. NCN now has the capabilities to segment and create sections of the site in accordance to the subscribers needs. They are also very proud to announce a new section called Legal Pages which will provide their subscribers with legal updates on new laws and court decisions. Knowing how important it is for credit and accounts receivable professionals to get updated legal information NCN wanted to ensure that need was met. They have also improved the resource section with a new and improved Canadian Credit Directory which enable anyone to search for Debt Collections professionals, lawyers, outsourcing firm, call centers, credit reporting agencies and financing needs just to name a few.

NCN journal continues to invest in it’s product offering said M. Pfeifer, president of NCN who also added “the future of National Credit News Journal as Canada’s best online publication specialized in accounts receivable management has never looked so good”.

According to Alexander Masny Chief Marketing officer: “NCN journal cares about what it’s readers think which is why they have deployed the ability to rate and comment their articles. ” This new functionality will enable NCN to adjust quickly to new and existing article contributors and stay on top of our readership interests. “

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